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European Labour Law Network

Activities of the European Labour Law Network

meeting of members of the european labour law networkThe main task of the European Labour Law Network is to provide the European Commission with recent information on relevant labour law issues through monthly Flash Reports.

The Network’s members also respond to Information Requests forwarded by the European Commission and are required to give independent labour law advice. They conduct legal analyses and submit relevant information to the European Commission, including, for example, information on the implementation and application of Directives in the field of labour law, on relevant developments in national labour law legislation and policies, promoting good practices, and drawing attention to areas in which difficulties could emerge (e.g. systematic misunderstandings by tribunals or administrative agents, the European Commission not having full knowledge of all national legislations and the corresponding problems by Member States to conform to European laws, extensive criticism from citizens regarding the methods used to implement laws, etc.).

Furthermore, the members of the European Labour Law Network are required to attend the annual legal seminar. During this two-day seminar circa 200 participants (Network members, European Commission officials, as well as officials nominated by the European Member States, European social partners and other academics) discuss in-depth a theme related to labour law and employment law based on keynote papers and speeches from a number of experts in this field. For further information on the annual ELLN seminar, click on section events.

In addition to its EU activities, the European Labour Law Network is involved in establishing a restatement of European labour law. The restatement work will further promote networking and information exchange on national labour law policies. The goal is mutual learning and understanding by informing interested parties about the similarities and differences in the respective laws of the EU Member States and EEA countries. Although most of the members of the study group are also the network’s legal national experts for the contract with the European Commission, it should be emphasised that the restatement work of the study group is not supported by the European Commission. For further information, please visit the ELLN Restatement Website.

Besides, ELLN cooperates with the European Labour Law Journal.