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European Labour Law Network

Scientific Committee of the European Labour Law Network

The Scientific Committee ensures a strategic perspective and the overall quality of the work of the European Labour Law Network. It fosters the permanent flow of information between the individual national labour law experts and the European Commission.

The members of the Scientific Committee are experienced professionals who have extensive knowledge of European and national employment and labour laws. In addition, the members are familiar with the methods applied in comparative legal research. The overall composition of the Scientific Committee reflects the fact that ― despite the major differences that exist between the legal orders included here ― it is possible to combine some of the legal orders and establish “families” of national labour laws that share common features.

Moreover, the members of the Scientific Committee have been selected on the basis of specific criteria, including their status as senior experts, their geographic spread over the different regions of Europe, and their experience of working with the European Commission, and preserving the gender balance.

The following individuals represent the European Labour Law Network's Scientific Committee (in alphabetical order of countries)

flag austria
Prof. Robert Rebhahn
University of Vienna
Institute of Labour Law and Social Law
flag lithuania
Dr. Tomas Davulis
Vilnius University
Faculty of Law
flag finland
Prof. Niklas Bruun
Hanken School of Economics
flag slovenia
Prof. Polonca Končar
University of Ljubljana
Faculty of Law

flag italy
Prof. Edoardo Ales
University of Cassino
Faculty of Law


flag sweden
Prof. Ann Numhauser-Henning
University of Lund
Faculty of Law

flag united kingdom
Prof. Catherine Barnard
University of Cambridge
Trinity College