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European Labour Law Network

Objectives of the European Labour Law Network

meeting tables of the european labour law networkThe European Labour Law Network is a tool for the promotion of debates on Europe’s future developments in employment and labour law. The aim of the Network is not to achieve greater harmonisation by imposing common rules on European Member States, but to broaden the knowledge of the Member State’s respective labour law systems and provide a source of inspiration for national and European law-makers.

New objectives emerged following the signing of the contract with the Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities of the European Union based in Brussels. By means of its informative role, the European Labour Law Network now contributes to the development and improvement of labour law.

The Network’s target groups are manifold. For example, national governments can benefit from the outcome of information exchange in terms of the development of national labour law; employers, trade unions and employees can collect new employment law ideas that they can introduce in negotiations and policy-making. Members of national courts, lawyers and other jurists may also find this outstanding source of legal expertise to be very useful.