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European Labour Law Network

Annual Legal Seminar 2013 “Undeclared Work”

The 6th ELLN Annual Legal Seminar took place in Frankfurt/ Germany on 17 and 18 October 2013.
The theme of this year’s conference was “Undeclared Work“.

The Annual Legal Seminar discussed three important subjects. The first was the legal typology of undeclared work. Prof. Ales provoked the discussion with the thesis that to describe the multifaceted socio-economic phenomenon of undeclared work, a typology based on ´paid activity´ is required rather than traditional legal concepts.

The second item was sanctions. The discussion on possible sanctions was opened by Prof. Waas who advocated a wide notion of sanctions, including for instance the use of civil law besides administrative and criminal law.

The last topic of the conference dealt with the transnational aspects of undeclared work and the role of EU legislation.
Prof. Mc Kay introduced this theme with a focus on three areas: informal posting, third country nationals and cross-border informal work.

The themes were elaborated during the Seminar by means of presentations and working group discussions.

For more information, see Seminar Report 2013.