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Law No. 97/2015 modifies the rule on weekly rest periods for employees

ROMANIA – Law No. 97/2015 on the amendment of Article 137 paragraph 1 of the Labour Code, published in Official Gazette No. 316 of 8 May 2015, the rule on weekly rest periods for employees has been modified. Previously, an employee was entitled each week to “two consecutive days” of rest, while the new regulation entitles employees to a rest period of “48 consecutive hours”.

As a consequence of this modification, the employee’s right to a weekly rest period has become more restricted. For instance, if the employee finishes his/her working day on Friday at 17.00 hours, it implies that the 48 hour period begins from that point on. In other words, he/she can be requested to resume work on Sunday at 17.00 hours. In contrast to the previous regulation, which calculated time off in full days, an employee who finished working on Friday at 17.00 hours could only be requested to return to work on Monday morning.