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European Labour Law Network

Future Directions in EU Labour Law: Early Career Academics’ Blog

European labour law and policy are at a crucial crossroads: as the macro-economic situation in most member states recovers from the financial crisis, labour markets continue to struggle as workers see their share of the recovery diminish. After last year’s elections to the European Parliament, and the formation of a new European Commission, this ongoing crisis should sit at the heart of policy makers’ search for new directions and priorities. By bringing together senior European officials from across different institutions with early career labour law scholars selected from across the 28 Member States, the Shaping Future Directions in EU Labour Law project, funded by a British Academy award, hopes to provide a new impetus for early career scholars’ work in this field.

Following an initial 1-day workshop at Magdalen College, Oxford, on 3 July 2015, participants have begun to collaborate with senior mentors in order to develop a particular policy proposal or paper. In order to disseminate the emerging ideas as widely as possible, this blog will feature weekly entries written by project members in order to introduce their work. We are looking forward to hearing your questions, comments, and discussion!

Prof. Jeremias Prassl
Magdalen College
University of Oxford